VCAP6 Deployment Exam Interface Tips & Tricks

Are you planning to take one of the four available VMware Certified Advanced Professional Deployment Exams? Then I suggest that you access the following web page and familiarize yourself with how the exam interface works. This prevents you from losing precious time during the exam. Dave Davis has done a very good job demonstrating how the interface works.

Especially the tip on practicing to use the VMware Hands-on Labs interface on a computer with a 1024 x 768 resolution is important. Many pages and dialogs in the vSphere Web Client will not fit or buttons will fall off your screen if you don't know how to maximize the screen. 

Important news: On January 2, 2018 VMware announced that later in 2018 VUE will update the testing engine, important improvements such as higher screen resolution, will be implemented. (Read more about this here.)

And also be prepared how to take the exam without the backspace key working is an important tip. If you would encounter such a shortcoming of the interface only during your exam it can be frustrating and get you out of your exam-mojo.

VCAP6 Deployment Exam Interface Tips & Tricks



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