Expanding a VMware Workstation virtual disk

When your hard disk in a VM is too small it is easy to increase the hard disk size. This article guides you through the necessary steps. We start with a VM running Windows 7 that has a 45GB hard disk. See the image below.

Windows 7 VM with 45 GB disk 

To be able to expand the disk it is necessary that the virtual machine is not running. So power off the VM first. Next open the virtual machine settings, click the disk and from the Utilities-menu in the right-bottom corner select Expand.

Workstation Expand disk

In the next dialog box you can increase the disk size of the hard disk. See the images below.

disksize 1disk size 2

Now that the disk is resized you need to resize the disk from within the operating system. In this example Windows 7 is used. To increase the partition size for the hard disk open computer management and from the Disk Management-utility you can expand the partition size. As you can see in the image below.

Windows 7 50GB disk

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