Modify the Session Time Out for vCloud Automation Center 6.x

The default timeout value for the vCAC web console is 30 minutes. You might find this not long enough or too long, whatever your reasons are, if you want to change it you can.

Access the vCAC Appliance through SSH (with Putty for example) or access the virtual appliance console directly to modify this file:

for 6.0  /usr/lib/vcac/server/webapps/shell-ui-app/WEB-INF/web.xml

for 6.2  /usr/lib/vcac/server/webapps/vcac/WEB-INF/web.xml

Configure vCenter privileges for access to vCenter Operations Manager

After deployment of vCenter Operations Manager there are two users in the system that have access to the entire environment. These are the built-in admin-user of vCops and any user that is assigned to the Administrator role in vCenter. In the image below you can see that there are two privileges assigned in the Administrator role that allow anyone assigned a permission with this role to access vCenter Operations Manager as an administrative user.

How to reset vCenter Operations Manager Configuration to the default settings

It is possible to reset your vCenter Operations Manager configuration to the default settings. This applies to the default policy but also to any other policies that you may have created in your environment. Open the Configuration panel, click the Default Policy or any other policy you would like reset. Next in the Clone from field select Original Defaults and click Ok to save the settings. All configuration settings for that policy are now reset to the default vCops settings.

When did my ESXi host boot?

In the vSphere Client and vSphere Web Client you can find how many days your host has been running. But what happened before that period? How often did your host boot in the past? This information is stored in the file /var/log/vmksummary.log on your ESXi-host. The file is updated  hourly with information how long your host has been up and how many virtual machines are running at that moment.

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